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CSA Membership
How to Become a Member:  The 2011 CSA program offers a total of 120 shares between our three sites in Northern Virginia.  At this time, given our limited space, we are unable to accommodate any more than 120 shares, so once we are full, there will be no exceptions made for additional requests.  We are planting enough to ensure quality shares are received throughout the year, but remind eveyone that farming is subject to the risks of weather.  Returning Members will be given priority to rejoin, but shares are only reserved once a down payment together with the required Order Form is received (please email or call to receive the order form); shares are guaranteed only once full payment is received.  If you are interested in becoming a Member, please contact us through this website to check availability and send your $150 nonrefundable deposit and Order Form as soon as possible to reserve your share.  Shares go fast once the weather starts to become nice!

WINCHESTER -- There will be approximately 80 shares available in the Winchester area.  Availability in this area is subject to delivery location since these shares are delivered door-to-door. 

ALEXANDRIA & SHIRLINGTON -- There will be approximately 40 shares available in the Old Town Alexandria and Shirlington areas.  Deliveries to Alexandria through ViaVelo and to Shirlington area at a location to be determined will once again be on Tuesday afternoons. 

What Members Get:  18 weeks of fresh, non-certified organically-grown, local produce, delivered to a centralized location; priority membership for next year's CSA; and special offers on purchases of extra vegetables, herbs, and special items throughout the year.  Members will also have the opportunity to purchase Lei-Kei Farm merchandise, including additional reusable, Earth-friendly bags, as it becomes available.  Newsletters are published electronically and sent to Members by email each week - in sticking with our organic, Earth-friendly farm, we will no longer be providing hard copies of the Newsletter.

Bags:  Members will receive shares in reusable, Earth-friendly bags.  The bags must be returned to the drop off point or left for the delivery service the following week to ensure continued use throughout the year.  At the end of the year, each Member will get to keep two bags.  Any Member failing to return the bags on a weekly basis, and keeping more than 2 bags at the end of the year, will be charged $5 per bag. 

Pricing:  Pricing is based on delivery location; please contact us for pricing.  Your confirmation as a share participant will not be confirmed until a down payment is received.  Additionally, full payment is due by a specific date prior to the start of the season.  If we have not received full payment by this date, your share may be resold and your deposit forfeited.  Payment is available by cash, check, or credit through PayPal.  We do not support payment plans - payment is due in full prior to first delivery of the season.

Delivery Areas:  We deliver the Winchester, Alexandria, and Shirlington areas.  In Winchester, delivery is door to door; membership is subject to specific addresses in the delivery area.  In Alexandria, delivery is door to door through the services of ViaVelo, bicycle delivery system; membership is subject to specific addresses in the delivery area.  Via Velo currently delivers to homes in the following zip codes:  22301, 22302, 22305, and 22314.  For the past several years, we have delivered to the Curious Grape wine shop in Shirlington; unfortunately, the Curious Grape will be undergoing renovations this Spring and unable to accommodate us this year.  Please bear with us as we try to find a new drop off point; we will update this site as soon as we know our new drop off location.  At this point, we are looking in the Shirlington and Fairlington areas. 

Shares:  120 shares are available.  We do not offer any "mini" or "half" shares.  If you're interested in our program, but would not be able to use a full share each week, we recommend you find a friend who will split or alternate weeks with you or that you contact the Farm directly for individual purchases throughout the year (see "Our Produce" page). 

Each share is designed by Matt and Kim to provide enough of each vegetable to feed a family of 4 including two adults and two children.  We recognize that everyone eats differently, so this is a bit hard to judge, but we do put thought into each share and find that most of our Members are quite happy with the given portions.

Important Dates:

** If your deposit is received, but payment in full is not received by April 25th, your membership may be cancelled and your nonrefundable deposit forfeited.  Another Member, from our waiting list, will be substituted in your place.

First Week of CSA Program:  Second week in May (May 9th)
Last Week of CSA Program:  First week in September (September 5th)

March 30th -- Priority membership for returning Members (membership not yet open to the public).

April 1st -- Membership will be opened to the public on April 1st.  

April 25th -- Dues must be received in full by April 25th. 

2011 CSA Program Information Available:  March 2012

How to Pay:  We accept checks, credit cards through PayPal, and cash.  Check: Checks should be made to Lei-Kei Farm at; Lei-Kei Farm, LLC, 231 Grandview Lane, Clear Brook, VA 22624.  If a check is received after membership has closed, your check will be contacted for options (return, destruction, or waiting list).  Cash: Please contact us to set up a time and place to pay in cash.  Credit Cards through PayPal:  PayPal charges Lei-Kei Farm a fee for use of the service; while we are happy to provide this service to our Members, we do ask that you split the fee with us.  Please contact us to discuss this option. 

Order Form:  Payment will not be accepted without the accompanying form available upon request from veggiemanager@lei-keifarm.com.  Please be sure to print it out, fill it out completely, and mail it along with your payment.  In the alternative, particularly if you are paying by credit, you may scan the form in to email to us at veggiemanager@lei-keifarm.com

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