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Matt Burch, his wife Kim, and their three daughters, Leilani, Keilena, and Melia, live on a 12 acre farm in Clear Brook, Virginia.  The name of the farm, in fact, is a combination of Leilani and Keilena's names.  Kim is of Japanese descent with family born and raised in Hawaii, and the Aloha State holds a special place in their hearts, so their daughters' names were a nice way to recognize her heritage.  Matt is looking forward to the day when he can open "Melia Orchards" to make Melia happy, too!

Over the past ten years, Matt has sold organic produce at local farmer's markets and to restaurants such as The Inn at Little Washington.  Prior to that, he spent three years managing green houses in Winchester and three years conducting research in horticulture at West Virginia University, where he earned a B.S. in horticulture.  Now he has chosen to direct his farming skills solely to the benefit of those in the community around him, through this Community Supported Agriculture program. 

Our CSA features organic and sustantainable farming methods.  We use no synthetic pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no GMOs.  We fertilize with composted animal manure and other ORMI approved fertilizers.  We use no "herbicides," and instead use mulch, mowing, hoeing, and hand-weeding to control weeds.  Drip irrigation is used to conserve water.  Much of our farm is "naturalized" to provide wildlife and beneficial insect habitats.

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